Jesse "Wild Bill"Austin: Hammond B-3 Organ, Vocals
The Blues Brothers Horns: #1,2,3. "Blue"Lou Marini: Tenor, Alto, Soprano Saxophones
Alan 'Mr. Fabulous" Rubin: Trumpet
Birch "Slide" Johnson: Trombone
Lou Marini Solos: #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
Lou Marini Horn Arrangements: #1, 3
Arti Dixson: Drums
Scott Spray: Bass
Tim DeHuff: Guitar
Jesse Austin Horn Section
Mike Smith: Trumpet
Fred Scerbo: Tenor Saxophone
Drake Smith:Trombone
Drake Smith Horn Arrangements: #2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
Guest Vocalist:
Maydie Myles: #3
Harry Batchelor: #9

Recorded at Horizon Studios Mixed byJoe Roesch & Vic Steffens

Jesse "Wild Bill" Austin
Cat.# RR0036
Cover Illustration by Keith LoBue
1. Fat Back Of Georgia
2. Big Mama's Calling
3. I'll Cry Tomorrow
4. Salt Pork West Virginia
5. Baby's Home To Stay
6. Giving Mama & Papa The Blues
7. It Rained In Georgia
8. Juice Head Baby
9. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal
10. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Ain,t nothin, like the real thing, baby! No lean cuts here. This is 100% prime Jesse "Wild Bill" Austin with a hard-hitting big band topped off with "Blue" Lou Marini and The Blues Brothers Horns. Jesse,s unmatchable vocal chops and big Hammond organ pads show why he is a deep blues groove-master. On Fat Back of Georgia, Jesse doesn't let up. He stretches the chord progressions and the result is hypnotic. Drummer Dixson's distinctive trademark shuffle lays "just right" with Austinās thick organ pads while the Blues Brothers Horns deliver the sting. On Cut #3 Eastcoast diva Maydie Myles moves mountains. On Cut #9 Harry Batchelor from the Jimi Hendrix-Billy Cox Memphis band of the 60ās once again returns to be Jesseās balladeer. And cut after cut, Jesse "Wild Bill" Austin proves that 60 is young and tough.

"One of the most serious kick-ass, howlin' and shoutin', funky, soul-laced, horn-topped-bluesy recordings released in 1995." Andrew Robble copyright Music City Blues Letter Oct 1996 (

"Swing is a rare commodity on the contemporary blues scene. Jesse Austin has swing to spare." Bill Dahl copyright Living Blues Magazine Nov/Dec 1995 #124 (www.LivingBluesOn

"Hammond B-3 master Austin takes his downhome blues a few blocks uptown with the help of some crack sidemen...bassist Spray reminds us to shut up and groove." Greg Isola copyright Bass Player Magazine Feb 1996 (

"On both albums, horn sections balance Austinās trademark organ and big, rough vocals." Jennifer Zogott Rolling Stone Blues & Jazz Album Guide copyright 1999 Rolling Stone Press p.39 "

A BIG voice and lots of chops. That's the signature of Jesse Austin, bluesman extraordinaire." John Rhys copyright Cash Box Magazine June 29, 1996 Vol.LIX No. 42

"Jesse "Wild Bill" Austin kicks up a storm with the Blues Brothers Horns ...on this smoking collection of earthy, hard-driving jumped up originals..." Bill Milkowski copyright Jazz Times Magazine May 1996 p.65 (

"Hammond B-3 master Austin takes his down-home blues a few blocks uptown with the help of some crack sidemen, including the Blues Brothers Horns. Throughout this disc, bassist (Scott) Spray reminds us to shut up and groove---and that context, not the number of notes, is what makes a fill count. The greasy grooves he lays down in "Fat Back of Georgia" and "Baby's Home to Stay" tell the whole story." Greg Isola copyright Bass Player Magazine February 1996 ( with Flea on the front cover.

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