Lucky Charm is RADIOACTIVE

Here's What Radio Programmers Are Saying About Lucky Charm:

"Major bad ass!" Jabeaux KAFM Grand Junction CO
"You're #1 on my playlist." Bob Pendergrass KSPQ 94 West Plains, MO
"If you don't like this guy, you're souless." Peter "Fish" Case WKVT Brattleboro, VT
"Great Album. We will definitely be using." David Fusco Music Unlimited Syndicated
"I love this music." Daylon Martin GM KBZD 99.7, KTNZ Amarillo, TX blues 24-7
"Rock solid blues." Wayne Winkler GM WETS Johnson City, TX
"Love it." Norman Davis "Midnight Flyer KFGR WWHP WHAY WGYK Pinellas Park FL
"Groovin, soulful blues." Chris Maley PD KMBH Houston, TX
"I like it. I'm featuring it on my show." CB Roy-Blues Guru WNEC Henniker, NH
"Long awaited, but well worth it." Pat Meadows KEGR 97.7 Concord, CA
"The record sounds great. Will get a lot of airplay." Mark Steinberg WCNI New London, CT
"If your toes aren't tapping you better check your pulse." Jason Gibbs WQLN Erie PA
"Outstanding album." Rick James KGLT Bozeman, MT
"Love it-Love it-Love it." China Valles WDNA Miami, FL
"Perfect fit for my show." Mike Kane WZGC Atlanta, GA
"Love every track. All will get airplay." The Commander WLVR Bethlehem, PA
"Very good." Dr. Dave WUPX Marquette MI "Good Stuff" Chuck Dicken PD WFWM Frostburg MD
"Great blues record." Chuck Williams WWHP Farmer City, IL
"Outstanding." Phil Casden WNJC Camden NJ
"This record rocks." Steve Smith Op Mgr. KWIT Sioux City, IA
"Great. Keep us on your list." Walt Gander WXPR Rhinelander WI
"Matt proves that he's stronger than ever." Norm Rosen WICN Worcester MA
"Good Stuff." Gil Anthony WXUS Dothan AL and shows on KBZD Amarillo TX
"I like tracks 1,6,7,8,10,11 for airplay." Mr Charlie Frazier WIZN 106.7 Burlington VT
"With Lucky Charm, Matt has reached the summit." Vicente Zumel Radio Pica Barcelona Spain
"Thanks for sending, airs on Nothin But Blues." Paul Hitchcock PD WMKY Morehead KY
"Favorite tracks are 1 and 7." Don O KNON Dallas TX
"We be diggin' Lucky Charm." Les Tar KMFB Willits CA
"Matt Murphy is doing some killin' blues." Da Gator WPFW Washington DC
"Programmers and listeners alike dig this CD." George Crater PD KSGR San Fransisco CA
"Love it." Candy Pennetta MD KVNF Paonia CO
"Fabulous release." Douglas Seitsinger MD KOTO Telluride CO
"Matt is an original in a world for of clones. He's da man." Dr. Otis R. Blues WXLV LeHigh Valley PA
"We like!" CBC Radio Sudbury Ontario "Very nice." Keith Castleberry WYDH 105.9 Atmore AL
"Love the blues music we have received." Dr. Bill WNHU West Haven CT
"Great to hear something new from this artist." Fred Hawley KMXT Kodiak AK
"I like it and intend to see that it gets reported to LB chart." Michael Dixson WRBC Lewiston ME
"Playing cuts 1,2,4,7 and 10 in heavy rotation." Marty Scarbrough PD KASU State University AR
"This CD will go well into our eclectic programs as well as for Jomama who has the only blues specialty show." Kate Klein KMUD Redway CA
"I played Boggie Overture and the phone started ringing." Phil Knipe KLFM Victoria Australia
"Honestly, I would be very surprized if Matt and Lucky Charm are not on the Handy slate.
" Alec Kirkcaldy CFFF Peterborough Ontario
"Absolutely fantastic. I only wish we received more blues music like this. I will put in rotation as soon as I hang up." Ron Burd PD, CIUT Toronto
"Love it! Played it! Will paly it again!" Storman Norman Rock 101 Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Thank you for your support.

Mr. Z Zajac of WFIT Melbourne WUCF Orlando FL made Lucky Charm #1on playlist David Fusco broadcasted "Headin' Northwest" on his Music Unlimited 85 stations Peter "Fish" Case KTFM 92.7 Brattleboro VT made Lucky Charm #1 on playlist Ramblin Bert WECS Willimantic CT Thanks for making Lucky Charm #1 on playlist CB Roy WNEC Henniker NH Thanks for making Lucky Charm #1 on playlist Bob Pendergrass KSPQ 94 West Plains MO Thanks for making Lucky Charm #1 on playlist Kai Turner The Blues Vassal KRFX 103.5 Denver CO has been playing the heck out of the whole album Rich Gordon WXRX 104.9 Rockford IL Top 10 monthly chart James "Blues Hound" Nagel KPFT 90.1 Houston TX First cat looking for this record. Thanks man. Norman Davis The Midnight Flyer Show KECH KEGR WWHP WHAY WGYK Thanks for the big push Phil Philman Caudill KOCV Midland-Odessa TX Thanks for the big push Dante Dominick KDUR Durango CO Thanks man Cat Black WYCE Grand Rapids, MI Thanks for all the playlists Dave Carpenter WHUS Storrs CT You're always there for us Dan Aykroyd Thanks for broadcasting Lucky Charm on House of Blues Radio Show on the Dick Clark's United Stations Radio Networks.