In 1992, bellydancer Sable Roesch and drummer-agent Joe Roesch started a record company to get Jesse Austin's music "out there." It's been a grand and exciting ride. Here are some of the talented and lovely people that we have had the opportunity to work with and meet.
Our fearless leader, Joe Roesch and band barnstorming through the Colorado Rockies. L to R...Wilton Brown, Jerry Milton, Mike MacDonald, Joe, Richard Hathaway (the Dirt Band) and John Muckerman
Sable Roesch Joe Roesch and BB the Blues by Videler
Sable with Matt "Guitar" Murphy, owner of Murphy's Mercedes at Blues Brothers 2000 movie set
Joe, Matt and Sable with our first Gold Record. photo by Videler.
Jesse "Wild Bill" Austin and drummer Al Myles. Photo by Abuzeide
BB King, Sable and Matt "Guitar" Murphy at Blues Brothers 2000 movie set.
Bobby Buster photo by Abuzeide
Harry Batchelor photo by Videler
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